Dining Out With Calvary

Enjoy an opportunity to share a dinner with the Calvary family while supporting your local Lutheran High School. Calvary Lutheran High School will receive 10-20% of the profits from 5:00-8:00 p.m. on the dates below. Some gift cards used on those nights may not go toward supporting Calvary Lutheran High School.

August 18: Steak N’ Shake

September 15: Hoxton’s

October 20: Colton’s Steakhouse

November 17: Oscar’s Diner

December 15: Bandana’s BBQ

January 19:  Madison’s Cafe

February 16:  Hy-Vee

March 15: Heart of Nashville

April 19:  Perkins

May 17:  Prison Brews

June 21:  Dragon Kitchen

July 19:  Maru’s