Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Exciting things are happening at Calvary Lutheran High School as we pursue our vision for the school. Your interest and input is extremely important to the future of Calvary Lutheran High School. First, please attend one of seven Forums scheduled in the next couple of weeks. The Forums are informational, and details of our future and vision will be presented. Secondly, please read the Case Statement Pamphlet and Questions and Answers Pamphlet, as it provides important information including dates and times of the Forums. Its purpose is to keep you informed and invite prayerful reflection and study. Most importantly, it will, in conjunction with the Forums, prepare you to knowledgeably and thoughtfully respond to the surveys you will be asked to fill out in October. Please pray for the fulfillment of this project according to the Lord’s will. Your prayers, interest, and input will affect Calvary Lutheran High School and the Jefferson City area for years to come.


9/16        St. John’s Lutheran Church, Stringtown       11:00 am

9/23       St. John Lutheran Church, Schubert               11:00 am

9/23       Immanuel Lutheran Church, Honey Creek    7:00 pm

9/24       Trinity Lutheran Church, Jefferson City         7:00 pm

9/25        Faith Lutheran Church, Jefferson City            7:00 pm

9/26        Calvary Lutheran High School                           7:00 pm

9/27        Grace Lutheran Church, Holts Summit           7:00 pm


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